Why Choose Us
The Shores at Atlantic Beach strives to be the most relaxed, fun, and easygoing club on the strip. It is the beach after all!

We realize this is your summer. You want to relax. No need to overburden you with rules and a strict environment!
    You should choose us because:
  • We are a tight knit club- We are not a sprawling, massive club like some others. Here you will know all your neighbors and build lasting relationships!
  • Directly on the ocean- No need to trek down to the beach from your cabana/cabin. You will be directly on the beach, only a minute walk down to the ocean.
  • Cabana Service- Consider your cabana person as a personal concierge service. No request is too crazy, and we will do our best to fulfill your needs (We make no promises on finding that buried treasure you lost, though). Cabana services available throughout the day to tend to any of your needs.
  • Free Ice- Don't ever get charged for a bag of ice again!
  • Mini-Fridge- You can have a mini-fridge and microwave in your cabana!
  • Stay Late- Don't get kicked off the beach before the sun even sets! Stay late at our club until about 9:30pm on weekends (or later)!
  • Heated Pool- Don't jump into a freezing pool ever again!
  • Food Delivery, Alcohol? No problem! - Want something else for dinner one night? Don't worry, we won't kick your delivery driver off the grounds! Also, bring in alcohol if you please, but don't forget to give our amazing drink specials a try!
  • Chairs and Umbrellas provided- you don't need to buy your own or even trek them down. We have our own chairs and umbrellas for you! Of course if you prefer yours, feel free to bring them!
  • Parking- Don't waste your time looking for that rare empty spot on the street.
  • Transferable Parking Pass- Don't worry if you have to bring a different car one week. Our parking pass sits on your dashboard and can be used with any car you please.
  • Lifeguards - Enjoy the beautiful Atlantic Ocean with no worries as our lifeguards are on watch.
  • 2 Guest Days- Bring your friends down as guests at the beach for free on Mondays and Thursdays!
  • No Labor Day Rush- Don't spend the Labor Day weekend crazed and worried about moving out of your cabana! We give you two extra weeks to remove your belongings.


1845 (Main Club) & 2019 (Shores - West)
Ocean Blvd. Atlantic Beach, NY
   (516) 812-9411
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