Know the Rules
The following rules and regulations have been adopted by the management of The Shores at Atlantic Beach. The observance of these rules and regulations confirms our Mission Statement and they are designed to insure the safety and enjoyment of the Club to every Member and Guest.
Rules & Regulations below are subject to change***
Posted hours of operation must be observed. Management reserves the right to close and clear the Club in inclement weather at its sole discretion.
  • Membership passes are NOT transferable (unless marked) and are subject to repossession if misused.
  • Membership Cards MUST be presented at designated entrances for admission to the club.
  • Membership Cards MUST be presented at management request.
  • At the time an applicant has fully paid for its Membership interest, Management will assign to the Member a designated accommodation consistent with its Membership interest (i.e., cabana, locker etc..) for the season ("Accommodation"). Notwithstanding same, it is acknowledged and understood that no guaranty is made that a specific Accommodation will be available or provided and requests by Members for specific Accommodations may not be honored.
  • Management reserves the right to change the Members' Accommodation at any time in its sole discretion.
  • No guaranty is made that Members will secure the same Accommodation in subsequent seasons.
  • Guest days are only on Mondays (Excluding Holidays). Each adult member is allowed 2 free guests.
  • All others will be charged regular guest fees.
  • Member must notify the main office of all guests prior to guest arrival, no exceptions.
  • Member must be present for guest admission and are allowed 2 guests per enrolled member only.
  • Same guest may visit a maximum of 3 days per month.
  • Management reserves the right to change or suspend Guest Day Policy at anytime.
  • Parking of guests' cars is subject to the discretion of Management and payment of established guest parking fees.
  • No cars will be permitted to park in the Club's parking lot unless the proper parking pass is presented.
  • Parking of cars will be at Members' own risk.
  • Management will not be responsible for damages or theft of any car, or for any personal property left in the cars of Members or Guests.
  • Club attendants will park and retrieve cars only at Members' request.
  • Management or the lifeguard may impose safety restrictions as to bathing risks and all ruling in this respect MUST be observed.
  • All activities are at Members' and Guests' own risk.
  • Infants are required to wear tight fitting rubber pants over diapers and must ALWAYS be accompanied by an adult Member or Guest.
  • Swimming or bathing by Members or Guests is permitted only when lifeguard is on duty.
  • Eating is permitted only in designated areas. Members are obligated to clean up after themselves and their guests. Refuse must be deposited in marked receptacles.
  • All smoking is prohibited in the Club (unless allowed by management).
  • No pets are allowed in the Club.
  • Baby carriages, strollers and carts are only allowed in designated areas.
  • Posted hours of operation must be observed. Management reserves the right to close and clear the Club in inclement weather.
  • No conduct annoying or disturbing to the Management or other Members of the Club shall be permitted
  • Management shall have the right to suspend or expel any Member or Guest which, in its opinion, is not in the best interest of the Club. Repeated violations will lead to revocation of membership rights without any obligation of management to reimburse the Member.
  • The Management reserves the right to change, add to, suspend, or withdraw any or all of these Rules and Regulations at any time and without any prior notice.